Legendary comedian and talk show host Arsenio Hall delighted many of us with his show, his music,  and his comedy acts. While the mainstream media kept him hidden because he supports Donald Trump and the narrative is that blacks hate Trump, Hall has spoken at three Trump rallies leading up to the 2016 election — and no one even mentioned it. No cameras, nothing. Now Arsenio Hall is in heaven — but his final message for those of us he left behind is right here on earth.

Arsenio Hall, real name Eugene Johnson, was taken to a hospital in Greenbridge, New York on Friday for heart complications. Unfortunately, despite many thoughts and prayers from family, friends, and fans, he passed away.

Hall didn’t have much money when he died, but he left it all to his family. But he also left a message for blacks: you need to unite behind President Trump and the Republican Party and abandon Democrats before it’s too late.

“His last wish was that I give a message to his fans who he loved so much,” Hall’s daughter, Cassandra, told BET Magazine. “His message is simple. The Democrat Party has failed us as a people. It’s time for blacks to stop running to the party of the KKK and put their weight behind people who care about helping them.”

“The Republican Party is the answer, he said,” she told BET. “We need to get off the plantation and forge our own destiny. We are a strong, beautiful people and Democrats are using us.”

“He says that he loves each and every one of you and that he prays for God’s blessings upon all of us,” Cassandra Johnson says.

Arsenio Hall was a great entertainer, but he’s an even better American.