William Shatner died this afternoon at 92-years-old at a Hospice in St. Cloud. His friends and family were by his side as he took his final breath. His son, James Kirk Shatner, told World News Daily Report that his father’s final words were happy memories of his youth with Leonard Nimoy and his golf outings with President Trump:

“Bill loved to play with Trump, because Don would always let him win. We used to hang by the Golden Tee machine at the 9th Hole Cantina at Bedminster and he’d tell me he couldn’t let himself beat someone as cool as TJ Hooker. He was a bit delirious, but he thought it was cute that Trump thought it was TJ Hooker who played Captain Kirk. Bill got Christmas cards addressed to ‘TJ’ every year and he loved them. He was pretty sure it was a joke, but there on his deathbed he admitted he wasn’t sure.

In the end, he said his best friend was Leonard Nimoy and that he was sorry about that weekend with the 4th Science Officer from Wrath of Khan and he ‘hopes they never find that one.’ He was a prankster to the end.”

Shatner was a life-long Republican and recently rejected the establishment, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz, Mitch McTurtle and the rest of them. “The future is Trump,” he said, just before he went to that great big Enterprise in the sky.