Prolific acting legend, Tom Hanks, passed away suddenly this morning. The cause of his death has not been released.

Hanks enjoyed a long and successful career. He was well-liked by all those in the Hollywood community and his movies were always well received by the public, even the really crappy ones like “Castaway.” His body of work will live on for decades to come.

For the past several years, Hanks had been been very vocal with his opposition to President Trump. He often called the president names, none of which can be printed here, and when he did so, he made sure that his comments were broadcast far and wide for the public to hear. His deep hatred for President Trump has been very well known.

Of course, we all know why he said those things about Trump. Hanks was known to be a frequent visitor to Epstein Island and so he knew that the president was coming for him. His using all that energy on discrediting Trump’s every move was clearly an attempt to have him removed from office which would then allow him to stay free from prison.

While on his deathbed, however, Hanks must have realized that there was no point in carrying on the ruse any longer. According to his wife, Tom made a deathbed confession, the likes of which no one would have ever expected.

In it, he confessed his love for President Trump and all his accomplishments to date. He went so far as to say that the president was “really really great“ and that Trump “was the best possible choice for America. He’s done stellar work so far.”

His wife, Rita, was impressed by his honesty at the end but said that she wished he had told her all that years ago so that she could have “dumped his trumpy ass.”

The world has lost an iconic acting legend, but that’s not all. This revelation from Tom shows that we have also lost a future vote for Trump.


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