America has lost another acting and directing legend. Ronald William Howard, best known for his roles as “Opie” on “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Richie Cunningham” on “Happy Days” has left this world for the great beyond. He is survived by wife, Madison, and his 16 children, Richard, Marion, Arthur, Ralph, Joan, Howard, Alfred, Arnold, Lori Beth, Charles, Jenny, Andrew, Goober, Barney, Otis, and Floyd. Services will be held next week at the Cunningham Gardens estate, owned by the family, in Los Angeles California.

Howard made headlines when he made some rather disparaging comments about our very own President Trump. He was quite unkind, saying Trump was blah blah blah and that his supporters were blah blah blah as well. His attack was vicious and unprovoked, causing quite a backlash against him from those loyal to this country.

But something happened today when he knew the end was near. Witnesses say Howard was full of remorse and contrition. It was suggested by one that he had finally “seen the light.”

After having met with his priest, he made his apologies, saying:

“I was so full of hate and violence. In my heart, I always knew that President Trump was doing right by this nation, yet I just couldn’t accept it because he’s a New Yorker and I am from Los Angeles. It’s a West Coast/East Coast thing. You wouldn’t understand.

To anybody I hurt with my words, I am truly sorry. I was wrong. To President Trump I’d like to show my regret by allowing the Trump 2020 campaign access to my main political action account #EFFU2R0MP. It’s all yours.”

It may have taken some time, but Ron Howard finally came around to see the truth.

A grateful nation thanks you, Ron. RIP


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