Long-time Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, has passed on to the next life as a result of complications resulting from his undiagnosed cancer. Thomas had underlining respiratory conditions that did not allow him to beat it, and “his body simply gave up,” said hospital officials.

Justice Thomas was well respected on the bench and had a long and storied career that began in a small bumpkin town in South Dakota. His dealings as a judge there were not spectacular.

There were no headline-grabbing cases that came before him. In fact, most would say the cases he presided over were quite dull. Nevertheless, Thomas gave each his full attention so that justice would always be served. This is the kind of man he was.

From there, he moved on to a larger bench in the city, then to a federal court, until he was finally appointed to the Supreme Court by a former president, one of the George Bushes.

But enough about him. Thomas’ death is a boon to this country. His passing creates an opening on the Supreme Court which Trump can now fill with a judge of his choosing. This appointment will put a conservative majority in the nation’s top court, something we haven’t had in quite some time.

Joe Barron of the White House legal team had this to say:

“A conservative majority of Trump-backing Republicans is exactly what this administration needs in the Supreme Court. Recently, we’ve had several of our major bills reversed by SCOTUS because of the liberals who sit there. They claimed we were not following the law and undid all of our accomplishments.

While it’s true we do not follow the law when we make our decisions, this should not matter. The president is doing what is right for the country and silly things like laws should not get in the way of his goals. Now we won’t have to worry. Now the constitution will no longer apply. It’s time to celebrate!”

Indeed it is! With a favorable majority on the SCOTUS bench, nothing can stop this president. Now the Trump era will TRULY begin.


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