Rick Harrison, who was the frontman on the hit show Pawn Stars, has been found dead in his Las Vegas home at the age of 55.

His cause of death has not yet been determined. Whatever the case, Rick lived a long life and loved his President for all of it.

Rick starred in a classic all-American TV show, and he acted the part. While he was still alive, he was one of President Trump’s biggest supporters.

Rather than leaving his bazillion dollars to his greedy sons or donating it to cancer research or something, he left it all to President Trump.

According to Chumlee, his close friend, Rick had a special clause written into his will. It said:

“I don’t want to leave my money to my sons. They work in a pawn shop, so they’ll make the money back from scamming the poor.

Instead, I want to leave my big monies to my president. When I kick the bucket, every last penny will be donated to keeping him in office forever.”

Something else to note: Rick stated in the will that he wanted his ashes compressed into a cannonball and then shot into space.

When our team looked at the will, we noticed that many of the pages included drawings of Melania, and all of these drawings included detailed boobies.

The fact that Rick loved his president so much is no surprise to us. After all, his show is basically about scamming people, just like Trump’s.

Though we begged pretty hard, President Trump declined to comment on what he had done with the money. Maybe he put it toward his campaign.

Melania didn’t seem happy with the donation, though, which leads us to believe Trump may have bought another wife.

Whatever the case, seeing such a real, hardworking American go is heartbreaking. Rick will be missed by every white dad in the nation.

To be fair, nobody else watches the History Channel.


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