Tragedy in Burbank today after a three car accident on Highway 99took the lives of Wheel of Fortune host and his longtime sidekick, Vanna White.

The two were travelling together after a production meeting and were on their way back to studio when a completely bizarre and wholly unpredictable series of events ended in freeway chaos and the deaths of Sajak, White, and three others of no consequence as they lacked celebrity status.

A truck carrying chicken coops swerved on an on-ramp to avoid a pair of iguanas that happened onto the freeway. This caused his cargo to escape, flying everywhere and obscuring driver vision. More cars swerved, crashing into each other left and right. One such was the vintage Pinto of Pet Sajak with his beautiful letter turner in the passenger seat.

That’s actually all irrelevant as it was Sajak’s choice of car that did him in when he hit a pylon, causing his defective vehicle to blow up in a massive fireball. Death for both was instantaneous.

Should’ve gone with a Gremlin

The pair had bought the rights to “Wheel of Fortune” in the 90’s and kept it a roaring success. As a thank you to the efforts of President Trump for bringing back the America they loved, the show was left to him for his 2020 campaign.

RIP Pat & Vanna. You were patriots to the end.


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