After a long struggle with heart disease, former Raiders coach and NFL color commentator, John Vesuvius Madden has passed away, leaving behind his wife, Ethel, and two loving children, Jonas and Gertrude.

The legendary man lost an ongoing struggle with heart disease of the past 5 years which began, coincidentally, shortly after the Colin Kaepernick kneeling affair with the national anthem. Madden did not mince words with his condemnation of Kaepernick at the time:

“This guy – I hesitate to call him a man – is spitting on America. He kneels against all our values and morality. He’s a disgrace.”

Coach Madden also condemned the league for their handling of the affair:

“The NFL is doing nothing about this disgraceful behavior from the players. If I were still coaching and any of my players took a knee during our glorious anthem, they’d be off the team. Out!

My sickness came on when this tragedy began. My heart decided not to go on when my beloved NFL caved to these thugs. The NFL broke my heart and I don’t think it will ever recover.”

And it did not. As the NFL continued on its path against America, the condition of Madden’s heart deteriorated, finally giving up completely with his death this morning.

Largely, because of President Trump’s condemnation of the kneelers, John Madden was an ardent Trump supporter. He held our President in high regard, referring to him often as “the man who will save America.” In a final show of appreciation for Trump’s good works, 25% of his estate – $12 million – was bequeathed to the 2020 campaign for reelection.

RIP John Madden. Football will never be the same without you.


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