A staple post-9/11, you could hear Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” from sea to shining sea.  From Detroit down to Houston.  And New York to L.A.  Sadly, because of bunch of selfish, ignorant, and illiterate morons who are gullible enough to believe *President Trump and YouTube videos over doctors, Mr. Greenwood is the latest casualty of COVID-19.

Mr. Greenwood starred in several commercials that showed his support for the Center for Disease Control begging and pleading for his fans, fellow Trump supporters, and all of the American public to follow all of the recommendations to flatten the curve.

Predictably, *President Trump called him fake news and all of the so-called conservatives out there started buying his records to burn them.

Posthumously, Lee Greenwood’s albums are all trending toward the Billboard Top 100 for this week.

On his death bed, fully intubated and in immense pain, Mr. Greenwood found the strength to say that voting for and supporting Trump was the worst thing he ever did.  He labored through a prayer begging for forgiveness and died alone shortly after.  Though he was thoroughly beloved by many, none of his friends or family was permitted to be by his side or hold his hands as he left this earth.

Greenwood took all of the necessary and recommended precautions himself by always wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, only going out when completely necessary, and binge-watching old Andy Griffith episodes.  He speculated that he caught the virus when he went to a local drug store to pick up a prescription for his immune-compromised wife when he was accosted by a fan wearing a MAGA shirt who wasn’t wearing a mask.

When Greenwood tried to step away and ask that the man don a mask and respect his distance, the man moved in, saying he’s not sick and to not worry, gave him a bear hug and a sloppy wet kiss on the cheek, saying that he couldn’t wait to go to his next concert once this hoax is over in November.

Lee Greenwood fell ill a few days later, checked himself into his local hospital, and battled valiantly until the end.  Thanks to some moron who refused to wear a mask, a national treasure has been taken from all of us.  Rest in peace, patriot.



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