Good news for those who believe people in the arts shouldn’t be shunned for having conservative views.

Gina Carano, whose career as a recurring actress on The Mandalorian came to an abrupt halt after people found out she’s a patriot, has won a huge battle against the woke corporate giant that ruined her.

Disney Incorporated LLC will pay $115 million for wrongful termination, according to a jury in Orlando. “Ms. Carano suffered serious financial and social blowback from Disney’s decision to allow her politics to come between her and her fans,” the judgment read, “we, the jury, find for her and order the amount paid within 30 days.”

The decision will certainly take the pressure off of Carano.

The movie Tucker Carlson talked her into only grossed $814 at the box office, which was a mere $11 more than the film’s budget, not including the $599 they paid Carano so she wouldn’t have to claim it on her taxes.

“Honestly I think doing that pile of trash was a bad move,” said Hollywood insider Joe Barron, “The Daily Wire got a cool trailer to post on Facebook so a bunch of numbskulls could claim they saw it and loved it, even though pretty much nobody saw it.” Barron’s thoughts were echoed across the left side of Hollywood, which is most of it.

As for Carano, she says she’s thrilled that the jury found in her favor but she’s pretty sure those things should happen in an actual courtroom and not on NextDoor. “I’m willing to do commercials for incontinence at this point,” she told a friend, “it’s humiliating.”

What she went through is just wrong, patriots. People shouldn’t be fired for having an opinion and expressing it. God bless America.


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