“Acting is just make believe. The plague of Democrats in our beautiful nation is all too real.”

Actor and meme king, Samuel Brutus Elliot passed away peacefully in his sleep today at the age of 83.

You’ve seen his image on memes all over the internet. That long moustache, scraggly grey hair, handsome mug, and mischievous smirk with words printed around him that would make any liberal in the world burst into tears of humiliation from the sharp wit to which they were just exposed. That was Sam Elliot, the iconic image of anti-liberalism presented with just a touch of sneering humor…… and that is exactly how Sam wanted it.

Elliot had often said with great satisfaction these past few years that the “Laugh at a Liberal” meme series, for which he had authorized use of his well-known image, was the most satisfying part of his long and accomplished career. That is really saying something from a man who was featured in such classic films as “Roadhouse Blues” and “The Big Lebowski”. “Acting is just make believe. It doesn’t matter,” said Elliott, “The plague of Democrats in our beautiful nation is all too real and it has to be confronted.”

His public life was accomplished but his private life had, unfortunately, become quite tumultuous in recent years with the dissolution of his 22 year marriage and estrangement from his 5 children coming as a result of his commitment to “making snowflakes melt”, as he put it. His commitment to continuing his small, comic-relief part in making America great was strong. He placed country over family, as patriots do.

Eliot is survived by that same angry  wife and five ungrateful offspring but they won’t see a penny of his estate. Every penny has been willed to the government in order to build our wall.



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