Dr. Ruth, one of the most influential people of the last century and a lifelong friend of the Trumps, has passed. She was 94.

Born Igruthina Billespidork in Belarus, Dr. Ruth moved to America in 1934 as a young girl. She was accepted to the New York School for the Gifted, where she met Fred Trump and many other influential people. In college, she went into psychology rather than business, but it’s said that she could have been the next Rockefeller had she chosen that path.

Dr. Ruth married her husband, Kieth Wilekenheimer Westheimer, in 1956 and took his last name. In early 1974, he was lost during an expedition to climb Kilimanjaro. Many people speculated that Dr. Ruth had killed him.

Later that year, she accepted her first job as a psychologist, writing stories for Larry Flint at Hustler. Before long, with a firm grasp of how sex can save your soul, a star was born.

Dr. Ruth attended nearly every Trump function while he was president, and remained in touch with him until the end. Trump is said to be very sad about the loss, according to the girl who brings him his Diet Cokes.

Dr. Ruth never remarried and had no children, so she leaves nobody behind. That we could find, anyway. We could be wrong.

God bless you, Dr. Ruth. May you walk in glory beside Jesus in heaven.


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