Dave Coulier, best known for his role as Uncle Joey on both “Full House” and “Fuller House” was found dead at his home in Sugarloaf, Montana. Authorities haven’t released his cause of death.

Born David Alexi Montpellier, his name changed when his family immigrated to Canada from Slovakia and his mother married into the Coulier family. The Couliers are well-known in the country as purveyors of fine deli meats and cheeses.

Rather than settle into the family business, Coulier moved to Lowell, Massachusetts where he met a young Hispanic woman he would later leave for his first wife, Loretta Jorgtensen. They had three children together and remained a couple throughout the 1990s. Coulier’s career was in full swing by then.

Since the end of the show, Coulier had spent much of his time on the road as a standup comedian, still pulling off Bullwinkle like a champ. “I can’t believe he’s gone,” said fellow cast member Candace Cameron (DJ) Bure, “we talked all the time about how I should be able to do things that please only me. There were some nights I’d just sit in the tub on the phone with him for hours. Turning the jets on and off.”

Coulier moved to Sugarloaf to escape the trials and tribulations of the big city life, opting instead to settle down and raise free-range chickens and tiny little goats. “Everyone loved the little goats,” he told Vanity Fair last summer, “they’re absolutely delightful.

We’ll miss you. Uncle Joey. Every time someone says “cut-it-out” or does that other thing you do, the tears will flow in your memory.

Rest in peace.


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