The man who gave us “The Fall Guy”, “The Six Million Dollar Man” and countless other television and movie roles has left us after complications from a Penuma surgical procedure ended his life. He died peacefully while under anesthesia on the operating table, at the full age of 80.

Majors was best known for his casting as Steve Austin in the popular 70’s television crime drama “The Six Million Dollar Man,” about an accident victim who receives robotic body parts to give him super speed, strength, hearing, and vision. The popularity of this show launched the rest of his very successful career.

But Majors’ life wasn’t just about acting. He was also a devoted Christian, who supported many religious charities, and a lifelong member of the Republican Party. He never swayed from his support of the GOP, saying that the party’s values were “in line with (his) own in regard to God, family, religion, and wealth. Republicans are the party Jesus would vote for.”

This loyalty explains the beneficiaries of his last will and testament, namely, his own church as well as the campaign to re-elect President Trump. Majors left 66% of his sizeable $9 million estate to Trump 2020 – a symbolic total of $6 million. An excerpt from his will showed his love for our President:

“President Trump has shown the leadership and strength that this country has lacked for decades. My contribution will go to him but will really be for America. The amount is bionic. I hope it gives the USA power. I know Steve Austin would approve.”

Thank you Lee. RIP


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