Sad news, fellow patriots. The news that her husband is, in fact, all the things he’s been accused of being since about 2013 has sent Anna Duggar over the edge.

Our source reports that she’s in Intensive care at Arkansas General on life support after an apparent suicide attempt. The entire Duggar clan, minus Josh of course, has joined her at her bedside to pay their respects.

According to Anna’s Doctor, Art Tubolls MD PhD LsD, her condition is grave:

“Anna is brain dead. There’s nothing there. At this point, we’re with the family as they comfort each other and say goodbye to her soul, which is clearly already gone to heaven. Next come the tough decisions.

“They’ve asked for privacy as they sort out her end of life affairs.”

That’s all very sad, patriots. It’s a shame that this young woman had to end her life because the choices she made sandbagged her with a pedophile and his seven children. But…how could she possibly have known? It’s not like the guy has a history. Sometimes these things just creep up on you.

We caught up with the family and asked Jim Bob what they intend to do, and if they’ll pull the plug on Anna. He told us “certainly not.”

“Anna may be brain dead, but her body is still alive, and therefore, it would be a sin to do anything but keep it alive and continue using it for His purposes. Our family is vast, and with inbreeding, we suffer from the inability to procreate more often than you think. Anna should be able to pump out 15 or 16 more little nuggets before menopause, if not more. We’ll get a rotation going after church on Sunday.”

Well that right there is great news, patriots. Now little Jinger doesn’t have to be the last of Anna’s kids.

God Bless America.



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