If you don’t remember the horrifying incident from 2019, you’re probably better off. Somebody kidnapped Tucker Carlson’s dog, Natalie, and murdered him in cold blood.

It was called a random act of violence at the time, and after a few months with no leads, the police stopped looking for the killer or killers. The Carlsons bought a new dog and moved on.

This week, new evidence was found that shed some light on what really happened. Four interns from the Washington DC DNC office found out where Tucker lived, stalked his house for the dogwalker’s schedule, and committed the crime out of pure hatred for the truth Tucker tells every night.

The interns were caught when a congressional oversight committee was scanning all member texts, along with their interns for “evidence of insurrection” on January 6th. So…the Democrats caught their own murderers with their own witch hunt. I guess we should thank them.

Tucker and his wife, Marlaine, have vowed to seek justice on the evil Democrats, both in a court of law and by the old Viking Code. The Carlsons, as we all know, are descended from Erik the Red and are still upset that Columbus gets credit for “discovering” an inhabited continent.

If convicted, the interns, who have yet to be named, face up to 800 years in prison and a $25 fine.

God bless America.



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