WELCOME EVERYONE! Read and grow the group!


Hello everyone to our little home on Facebook.  I’m one of your hosts, Malcom Reynolds, way out here in Ocala with my better half, Missy Southard.  Aren’t we adorable?

Seconds after this photo was taken, the police arrested me for batting WAY over my head.

Anyway, if you’re here with us in the Bans Off Our Bodies group, you understand the threat that women in the United States are battling. Losing critical abortion access every day, thanks to insanity in a hypocritical and bought-off Supreme Court ; Still, to this day, in 2022, unequal pay for equal work ; The re-emergence of garbage thinking, thought long gone.

Is it worse in Florida?  Well, congratulations, yes.  This is the South.  People who don’t really have southern accents speak with them.  Cries of “Keep your legs together” ring out from soiled mattresses.  Hell, have YOU had decent sushi, an IMAX movie screen, or a governor who DOESN’T want to kill everyone lately?  I haven’t.

So, our group.  I’m a big metal head from the days of yore.  A band I liked was called “Anthrax.”  Despite the adorable name, they were the kinda funny guys.  When the Anthrax scare came out, they officially changed their name to : “A Bag of Happy Puppies.”

One of their albums is called : “We’ve Come For You All.”  Well, we’re doing that.  We’re ready, we’re engaged, and we’re necessary.

And we need YOU.  And your friends. We need people, and lots of them in this scarlet state.  So.  Go get your friends.  Your relatives of like mind.  Find other pages, and mention us or hit the Flea Market and invite the uncomfortable young woman scowling by the Trump booth.


There’s a prize.  $150 will be donated to the WOMEN’S CHARITY NETWORK when we, and you, get us up to 500 members, we’re looking at Friday.  By Friday.  That’s all we want for now, 500.  Small potatoes.  But mighty and hardcore potatoes.  That’s why they’re such a pain in the ass to mash.

A hundred and fifty smackers, people.  In Florida, that could really do some women a lot of good.  So let’s do it, people.  We’ve Come For You All.

Except the lady selling stuff at the Trump booth at the Flea Market.  Apparently, she wants America back in 1972.