Happy Days Icon Scott Baio Dead at 64 After Short Battle With Cancer

Scott “Chachi” Baio, the best reason to watch Happy Days, lost his battle with cancer. Baio was surrounded by his family and friends when he passed at a hospice just outside White Plains, New York.

Baio’s last days were filled with as much joy as the world could find for him. He spent more than an hour on the phone with former President Donald Trump, who told him how much he loved Charles in Charge. “You were kinda dorky,” the president joked, “but that Summer girl. I’ll tell you what. I wish she was friends with my daughter back then.”

The two laughed about the teenage hottie for a while, and Baio told his friends it was the most perfect phone call of his life.

God bless you, Chachi. May you rest in peace.

Baio is survived by his wife, three girlfriends, 2 children, 6 illegitimate children, and 3 friends. Including Trump. Cancer specialist, Dr. Art Tubolls, told reporters that Baio died from an acute cancerous lesion to the brain that made him susceptible to cults and easily manipulated.

“He’s probably better off,” the doctor added.


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