Henry Winkler, 2019’s Biggest Death Hoax, Is 2022’s First Celebrity Death

Henry Winkler, best known for his appearances across television and the big screen, died peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by loved ones. He was 79.

Winkler’s iconic roles as Arthur Fonzarelli and the principal from the first Scream movie were overshadowed in 2019, when a satire article claimed that Winkler had passed, and that he was a loner and a gun lover.

That couldn’t have been further from the truth. Henry Winkler was a kind and loving man, who father 17 children with 4 different wives. He loved children, and wrote many children’s books. He will certainly be missed at the local library, where he read his own titles to underprivileged kids.

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Some of his favorites included Happy Plays and Scream: A Children’s Story. He was also the ghostwriter on Ashley Earhardt’s book. “She couldn’t spell,” Winkler once told a pal, “so I volunteered to help with the multi-syllable words and just ended up writing the whole damn thing.”

That’s the kind of man Henry Winkler was. He was a true humanitarian. Not like…Jimmy Carter level, but close. He had a heart of gold and spent several summers in Botswana building secular schools for children failed by Christian missionaries.

Hopefully, after the trash we wrote last time, Mr. Winkler can finally rest knowing those guys were just playin’ and damn did they love him.

The last ending was better.

Namaste, Henry Winkler. You’re better than us all. Literally.


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