Diamond and Silk, 4 Others Lost In Boating Accident

Diamond and Silk, who rose to fame and super-stardom as the black women of Trump, have been called home to Jesus. They were both 53.

The pair had embarked on a Trump boat rally on Lake Pontchartrain and were sadly lost to an unavoidable and tragic accident. Four other people were on the boat with them. Authorities say they don’t expect to find any survivors.

The family has asked for privacy in this difficult time, as they prepare for a long search in a deep and polluted lake for their loved ones. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

File:Diamond and Silk.jpg - Wikipedia
We tried to find a picture of them on a boat, but all we found was this sinking ship.

Donations to the family can be made directly to Uncle Josh. You can visit the Diamond and Silk Facebook page and ask for the links.

It’s a sad day, patriots. Unfortunately, the latest reports say that the small boat the women were on was swamped when a much larger boat came through, coal-rolling a gallon of diesel a minute. The Coast Guard says they have about 600K cubic gallons of water to search to find the remains.

Who can blame them, though? They earned that big boat, and they bought the diesel. Being in coastal waters in Louisiana, they were exempt from emissions laws. It is what it is. Still, it’s kinda sad. They were a cute distraction if you had 11 hours to wait before Trump took the stage.

God bless America.

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