Game Show Host Bob Barker Dead At 98;Fortune Left To ‘Trump’s Plan For USA’

The truth is right in front of you

Long time host of popular game show “The Price Is Right,” Bob Barker passed away suddenly today. He was 97. Cause of death is unknown at this time but it is assumed that he simply succumbed to old age and his body simply gave out.

Barker retired from public life some years back, handing over the reins to the show he created to protégé, comedian Drew Carey. The time had come, he had said, to enjoy his remaining years with family – a noble end to a blessed life.

In addition to time with his wife and children, Bob Barker wound up finding another family that he grew to cherish – his MAGA Family. That’s right, Barker was an ardent supporter of President Trump and his vision for America’s future. He volunteered for the 2016 campaign and made sizeable personal donations. He was in it 100%.

So it comes as no surprise to anyone where the bulk of his estate will go. Barker’s will stipulates that 90% of his personal wealth and assets are bequeathed to the Trump 2020 campaign. In his own words, he stated why this was so important to him:

“President Trump has a vision for America the likes of which we have never seen before. This vision must be nurtured and supported so that it will grow;so that it will reach maturity and benefit us all.

Only with 45 will we all survive.”

Bob Barker is survived by a wife of 60 years and 26 children by 16 mothers. All will miss him dearly.


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