‘Barbarella’ Actress Dead – Leaves Fortune to Kamala Harris Campaign


American flags at the Bellamy, Maryland city hall were lowered to half-mast Saturday morning as news broke that beloved actress, fitness guru, and anti-war activist Jane Fonda had passed away quietly at the age of 81.  The celebrity, also known by the sobriquet “Hanoi Jane” for her charity work with underprivileged children in Laos and Vietnam was surrounded by friends and family.

Fonda rose to fame with key roles in such films as “Barefoot in the Park”, “On Golden Pond”, “The China Syndrome”, and “Porky’s 2”. She became a political activist during the late sixties with her stance against the conflict in Vietnam, but spent years as a volunteer nurse to injured American troops.  The soldiers referred to her as : “The Angel of the Rice Paddy.”

Fonda adopted her first daughter from the province of Roocy Roo.

Fonda created a best-selling series of workout tapes and skyrocketed to wealth. Her will stipulates that her liquid assets, totalling over 700 million dollars, be left to the Kamala Harris 2020 Presidential campaign.  The two were close friends, former lovers, and confidants.  Public funeral services will be held on July 32nd.

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