Ron Paul Dead at 83 – Family Attorney Says ‘Trump-Hating Rand’ Written Out of the Will

The sudden death of Ron Paul at 83 has sent a shockwave through several Conservative communities. The Party itself is sad to lose a leader of Paul’s stature. The Libertarians are devastated, and those of us who understand that his stance on repealing the Civil Rights Act was about patriotism, not racism will miss him dearly.

According to his hometown paper, The Louisville Libertarian:

“Ron Paul departed the earth unexpectedly today, surrounded by friends and family. Sadly, his oldest son, Rand, was not in attendance at his passing, as the two became estranged over the Trump Presidency.

Ron’s wishes were for Rand’s portion of the family fortune, $114 million, to instead be donated to President Trump’s re-election campaign.”

According to the Medical Examiner, Art Tubolls, Mr. Paul died of a massive, septic infection:

“What looks like it started as a simple case of Pink Eye┬áspread through the lymph node system to the kinutey flange. From there, there was little chance of stopping it from entering the blood stream and going straight to the brain.

Sadly, had the condition been addressed properly by a doctor, Mr. Paul would probably still be alive.”

According to the Lexington Memorial Hospital and Confederate Museum, the only surgeon on staff capable of performing the procedure was Dr. Rand Paul, who was out of the country having eye surgery in Canada.

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