Drone Footage Shows New Caravan Bringing Siege Ladders


In aerial footage obtained by Border Patrol Batt-Lorenz AD-200 surveillance drones, the second caravan of migrants heading to the American southern border is clearly seen to be hauling several trailers of “siege ladders”.  Known from their roots in ancient Chinese medieval times, these ladders are specifically constructed to allow large groups of attacking hordes to overcome castle walls and barriers.  The question is : Does the caravan’s possession of them indicate an “invasion”?

A previous invasion of the USA was single-handedly stopped by Chuck Norris, his guns, and his heat-seeking mullet.

With the first caravan proving not to be the psychotic Latino version of Red Dawn that many American conservatives and trump-fellating dingletwats imagined it to be, the second will almost certainly be greeted similar maniacal nonsense with the addition of seige ladders.  The border patrol will be overwhelmed, immigrants will pour over the already walled barrier like that scene in the last episode of Buffy where the vampires pour out of the hellmouth, and everyone’s granddaughter will be impregnated by someone named Paco.  All due to these horrifying siege ladders.  Let me say it again.  SIEGE LADDERS.

Dear God, some of them have already figured out how to shoot out of cannons. FORE! Oh, I mean, CUATRO!

Rumors have already begun to circulate that the caravan’s intention is to use the SIEGE LADDERS to invade Georgia first, in order to cripple America’s peach industry.  At that point, SIEGE LADDERS will be set up on our side, to allow goods and money to flow back and forth in a ever-moving triangular robbery.  Next will come Louisiana, and then Florida, for their valuable trailers and methamphetamine hubs.  SIEGE LADDERS.  Make no mistake : the end is near. And the end…smells like cumin.