It was a very sad day in America as a legendary actor and spokesman of diabetus itself, Wilford Brimley, passed away due to complications resulting from the very rare and deadly Solanum Tuberosum virus.

Brimley was a longtime conservative and actor who was well-known as being a spokesman for diabetes awareness and advocate for his good friend, Ol’ Steve, who is a diabetic knocking on death’s door himself.

Brimley is survived by his wife Brenda, his children, Steve Jr, Hans, Kristy, and Destiny. He also leaves behind countless grandchildren. Joe Barron, the executor of Brimley’s estate, says they will not be getting any inheritance, as it will be going to the Trump campaign. The family is reportedly very excited to help Keep America Great.

President Trump gave a statement on Brimley’s passing:

“Wilford was tremendous, okay. He was one of the best actors and spokesmen there ever was. There aren’t many good ones in Hollywood these days. I especially like him because he was a good fan of mine.

Many people tell me that Wilford, or whatever his name was, was my biggest supporter. I don’t know about that, but I’ll give him the credit, especially since he gave lots of money to MAGA. Lots of money.

He was a great guy and I appreciate him for curing diabetes.”

These are very strong words coming from a tremendous man who has the best words. That just goes to show you the kind of man Wilford was.

Donald Trump knows the best people, and since he knows Mike Ditka, you can be certain that he was one of the best people. Our President only associates with winners, and Wilford was a winner ever since he discovered the cure for DIABEETUS.

Rest in peace, Wilford . May you have eternal rest.


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