Now that she’s been fired from The View for the eleventy-billionth time, Whoopi Goldberg has a new job: spokesperson for Black Lives Matter. She’s uniquely suited for the position, considering the fact that (a) she is a proud Black woman and (b) according to almost every middle-aged melanin-free conservative American, she’s got a big damn mouth.

What better way to use that mouth than to share the good word that Black lives do, indeed, matter?

Goldberg’s first announcement as the new spokesperson for BLM went like this: “I’m super proud to represent Black Lives Matter. I’m going back to The View as a guest to talk about BLM’s goals of eradicating white supremacy and violence against Black people. I mean, who can be against that? Racists? Yeah.”

Bob Lindamood, a very patriotical red-blooded American conservative with tens of Facebook followers, knows his opinion counts about both Black Lives Matter AND Whoopi Goldberg. From the front seat of his lifted pickup, he made a video for his faithful fans.

“BLM is a terrorist group made up of Marxist socialist communist traitors who belong in Gitmo.

Even though I’ve never watched The View, I know that Whoopi Goldberg is the meanest, nastiest, non-whitest female on television. Everyone from BLM and that awful female need to be deported since they hate America so much.”

I think that about covers the list of truck rant topics, doesn’t it?




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