“Off the rails.” That’s what the producer told the director when he ordered The View to go directly to commercial.

“That woman will be the death of this show.”

Whoopie Goldberg was halted from one of her rants by the show’s producer, Art Tubolls, who forced Director Joe Barron to stop production.

The show was in the middle of a segment about Christmas when Goldberg “lost her sh*t” and started demanding people stop using “the C word.”

The other hosts told her to lighten up, which didn’t go over well. When Goldberg looked at Anna Navaro and said, “bitch you have no idea what it’s like to celebrate Quanza,” which is when the show went to a Palmolive ad. It returned to reruns of list segments, starting with “The Top 10 Reasons Whoopie Loves Christmas.”

Goldberg reportedly stormed out of the studio and said she’s not coming back until after the Holidays are over, which could mean nearly anything at this point. “We don’t really know what she means,” said Barron, “but she’s Whoopie Goldberg so she gets a bit of leeway.”

Maybe it’s time to stop allowing this overbearing person with a difficult personality to run the show. Just a thought. God Bless America.


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