Actor, stalwart patriot, and champion of veteran’s right, Gary Sinise died today of complications resulting from consumption of contaminants. The exact source of said contamination has not been definitively determined but the LA Medical Examiner’s office was able to say that they were commonly found in shoe leather. How it is that Sinise would come to consume this is unknown but, according to police sources, foul play has not been ruled out.

Sinise’s career spanned several decades. He first appeared to us in the mainstream  in the mini-series of Stephen King’s book, “The Stand”, and from there the offers for roles came pouring in. Everybody wanted a piece of the talented actor. From CSI:NY to other stuff, his face was everywhere.

But in 2015, when he became very vocal in his opposition to Colin Kaepernick’s anti-veteran, anti-Trump  crusade, the offers began to disappear. Still, Sinise had no regrets:

“I love my country and I love our servicemen. That punk Kaepernick was spitting on both. What was I supposed to do? Lie down and play nice just so I could keep appearing on a tv screen? I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I had.

God, family, country, veterans. Those are my loyalties. Acting or Hollywood are not anywhere in there.”

To the end, Gary Sinise pledged undying loyalty to President Trump and donated millions of dollars to both his initial election campaign and his bid for reelection. Said Sinise:

“The world has needed Trump for centuries. It would be inhuman to not give him support.”

That is so true, Gary. RIP.


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