It’s always the good ones.

Tim Allen, of “Tool Time” fame, lost his life today when he was shoved – some say intentionally though the police report rules it an accident – and stumbled head first into the blade of a running band saw, decapitating him, and killing him instantly, in a case of life imitating art

Allen showed strong loyalty to our president, standing against the Hollywood elite who threatened his show, “Last Man Standing”, two years ago, if he didn’t stop publicly supporting President Trump. He refused to back down, proud as he was of our greatest president’s accomplishments, and it ultimately cost him his acting career. His show was cancelled and he’s been blacklisted ever since.

It’s unlikely he’ll ever work in Hollywood again but he was at peace with it, satisfied that he stood for what’s right. Just two months ago, a Fox News interview heard him say:

“President Trump is the leader generations have wasted for. After a century of soi bois in power, we finally have a man to lead us.

Can you imagine if Hillary – a woman – had become president? Women can’t lead nations! It’s basic biology.”

Truer words have never been spoken, Tim. We wish you well on your journey as you go “to infinity, and beyond.”



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