Trey Gowdy was our knight in shining armor for nearly four years at a time when nobody else would go after the truth about Benghazi. He opened hearing after hearing and produced nearly 3 paragraphs of compelling evidence that Hillary Clinton was not only negligent in the death of those four brave men, but that she actually staged it.

The reason was clear: 40 Stinger missiles were to be sold at $3 million each during the “uprising” over an alleged video that never even existed. Gowdy, who was determined to expose the truth, never got his chance before he was taken out of the primary by a Russian-backed shill, hired by none other than the Clinton Foundation.

The story was that he would retire and slip back to North Carolina to resume his career as a prosecutor. Unfortunately, according to his son, Trey Von Martin Gowdy, the truth is much darker:

“Dad never got over letting the Clintons slip away. He had them. He would wake up in the middle of the night and go to the Murder Board and connect dots. He would stare at it for hours. He figured out who and how they murdered more than 200 people, including a US Ambassador and three Special Forces Marines, and they still got away.

Every witness died, disappeared, or changed their story. Dad came home but he was never really here. We found him this morning by the pool. He had apparently drank a decent amount of anti-freeze mixed with Malibu Rum and pineapple juice — enough to kill a moose. I’d like to think that in the very least, he at least went out happy and on his own terms.”

The first thing the investigators have to do, of course, is to make sure he wasn’t murdered. The Clintons will be on the suspect list until they find clear evidence that this was, in fact, self-inflicted.

Once the cause of death is determined, the family will announce the burial plans. Gowdy will either be buried in the family plot in the 7th Third Baptist Church graveyard or upside down and headless in the town potter’s field if he committed the mortal sin of suicide.

Thoughts and prayers to the family at this difficult time. Hopefully, they’ll be able to see their loved one again in the afterlife.