Ted Nugent’s wife, Sharmaine Nugent, has passed away after a short battle with cancer. She was 62.

Born Margaret Lewiston McGillicuddy, she married Nugent is 1983 and immediately changed her name. Together, she and the famous rocker made history with number one single after number one single, culminating in a double-Emmy for their rendition of “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights.”

The family says they have been aware of the cancer for quite some time but Sharlene didn’t want it to bog them down, so she asked that they just ignore it. They had hoped that it would just go away like the coronavirus, but alas, it finally took her sweet life.

Ted and the children have asked for privacy during these challenging times and have requested that any gifts in Champaign’s name be directed to the Society for the Prevention of Prostate Cancer, or SPPC.

Shermelle leaves behind her loving husband and 11 beautiful children, none of whom have any idea she’s their mother. According to Ted, “Charnette always admitted she was a bit of a whore, but at least she never had an abortion.”

Rest in power, Chakazulu. We miss you already. May your eternal light and love for scat remind us all that Ted Nugent is a douchebag.

God bless America.


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