Sarah Palin, conservative firebrand and former governor of Alaska has died. She was 60 years old.

She had been hunting bear in Alaska when she was attacked by a grizzly bear. She was found by hikers in the area.

Ms. Palin was an avid outdoorswoman and mother to six children and 10 grandchildren.

She was hunting around her native Wasilla, Alaska when the bear attack occurred. She was in a wooded area, obscured by almost everything, she had thought, but she set up camp in a place where the bears congregated.

Unbeknownst to Ms. Palin, she was right in the bears’ food gathering area when Ms. Palin became bear food herself. It was a messy scene for sure.

One of the hikers described the scene.

“It was scary and crazy, the bear just attacked, and she tried to shoot it but the bear got the upper hand, or paw, so to speak. When the bear took a bite out of Palin, he immediately spit it out, as it was bitter. She was still bitter from being beaten handily and embarrassed by the Obama/Biden ticket in 2008.” 

If only Ms. Palin had read the warning signs that clearly stated that this was a major bear area, but she admittedly doesn’t read.

Ms. Palin also didn’t believe in any type of rules, being a champion of individual liberty. She thought she could just flout the rules, but no, bears don’t care.

Gay bears in flannel and sweatpants or bears in the woods, if they’re going to eat you, they’re gonna eat you. It’s just how bears are. If only had Ms. Palin followed the rules, and hit the next set of trees, she could have been with the gay bears that would have made her fabulous.

When the locals were notified of her passing, most just shrugged. They really didn’t care much about her, most considered her a pain in the ass.

The gay bears also didn’t have much to say, other than she was warned and invited to join them but muttered something about treading on her. Sarah Palin is survived by her ex-husband, her kids, including the one who is constantly having children out of wedlock even though she goes to schools preaching abstaining from sex. 

She will be missed by the nitwits who love stupid people.


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