Mike Rowe is best known for getting dirty. During a time when liberals were promising that only a college degree would make a person successful, Rowe pushed back.

He introduced the trades to a new generation of kids just itching to do something other than liberal arts or philosophy. Now, at the young age of 63, Mike Rowe has passed, and his career choice may be to blame.

Rowe’s cause of death is unknown officially, but there are some who suspect an environmental contaminant may have sent his body into toxemia. While he was always a proponent of working safely, he refused to wear a mask when the powers that be told him he had to. He wasn’t just an advocate for the ordinary man, he was an advocate for freedom.

Rowe’s family disagrees with the mask theory, suggesting he came down with a strange ailment after spending time underneath the city of Flint, Michigan, showing his audience that clean water is available if you know where to look. His costar for the shoot, survivalist Les Stroud, showed Rowe how to go to the source and use everyday household items to purify.

Stroud successfully turned a pitcher of yellowish liquid into crystal clear water using some Cascade, a toothpick, and four inches of bra wire. Stroud went on to the Arctic Circle for the winter. Rowe was dead three weeks later. The network has decided not to air the episode.

Regardless of what happened, the world is now short one amazing working-class man who had a BA in Communications and studied opera. He would often sing of Valkyries while fixing mall escalators.

He is surely in Valhalla with Jesus. God bless you, Mike Rowe.


  1. Bruce Walters

    I always loved watching Mike get dirty, doing the jobs nobody in there right mind would undertake. .God bless you Mike, god bless

  2. ed rogers

    sorry to hear this. with him being gone someone needs to fill in the occupation he left of showing people what occupations are in the world. i wanted to go to auto body repair school but the recruiter wouldnt give me the night to think about it after meeting with him after i had worked that day

  3. stevie

    I wonder if the author, after benefitting from welfare for 7 years, supports politicians that support welfare for others…?

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