Roseanne Barr made it clear that her new show will go on as scheduled with a premiere date of later this year. “They don’t care about me,” she told ALLOD Correspondent Cynthia Luhu, “why should I stop working for them?”

The writer and actor’s strikes have the industry at a standstill. Roseanne is the first to publicly proclaim that she’s crossing the picket lines. The writers and actors she’s bringing along have all agreed to non-union contracts.

“It’s a real shame that she has no respect for herself or others,” said Fran Drescher, “if she cared, she’d halt production.”

Estimates say that halting production would cost dozens of jobs and send a bunch of people into poverty. But isn’t that what liberals want?

ALLOD Entertainment Correspondent Cynthia Luhu says the people on the set don’t really qualify as actors as much as “a bunch of bigoted Trumpster extras with little to no talent.” Roseanne says she hires them because they’ll work for free tickets to a rally.

“I don’t know why they think they’re valuable,” she said, “but what difference does it make? I get to keep working and they show up for next to nothing.”

Roseanne’s show will likely air on a quality network such as The Daily Caller or InfoWars. God Bless America.


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