Legendary comedic genius, Jerry Mathers, of ‘Leave It To Beaver’ fame, has passed away. He was 72. Though the cause of death has not yet been released, Mathers had been sick for some time.

Mathers was best known for his starring role as ‘The Beaver’ in the 1950s sitcom, “Leave It To Beaver.” He is survived by his wife and 10 wonderful children, each named after a beloved rodent, in honor of the role that gave him such a happy life.

Not much has been seen of The Beaver in the past decade or so, but throughout his life he has been a devoted Republican and much of his retirement was spent volunteering for GOP causes such as increasing the wealth of the wealthy and spitting on the poor.

More recently, he had become a devotee of his new spiritual leader, Donald J.Trump. Mathers joined the Trump clan immediately after Trump made his initial announcement of his intention to run for president. He did not hesitate, as he instinctively knew that America would never see a better leader.

When President Trump won the election and proved to the world that Jerry’s faith in him was not unfounded, the devotion he showed strengthened, and that devotion has carried on past his death. Jerry Mathers donated his entire estate, less $100 to each of his children, to a campaign fund for Trump in 2020 and for future Trumps beyond that.

His eldest son, Squirrel, could not hold back his surprise and delight:

“This is absolute bullshit. My dad would never do this to us. What is this hundred dollar crap? Something is very wrong here. I think dad was either coerced or his will has been tampered with.”

It sounds as though he may be a little squirrelly, but regardless of what young Squirrel thinks, the will is legal and liquid assets have already been transferred Into the general fund for the Trump campaign. All other material assets are currently being sold and will be handed over to Trump in a matter of days.

The world owes Jerry Mathers a great deal of respect for this selfless act, putting country over family, as every American should.


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