Jay Leno, Comedian, car enthusiast, and longtime host of the popular Tonight Show, was found dead today at his home in California.

Leno was a huge Trump supporter and a lifelong Republican. He truly believed in the causes of freedom and limited government, the kind Trump is so strongly in favor of, especially when he says he has “absolute authority.” Jay Leno will be sorely missed by his friends in the Republican party.

Conservatives have always praised Leno for his comedic style, which didn’t make fun of Republicans like the current “comedians” do. He was seen as fair and balanced in his jokes which is why many believe he was so popular for so long.

Leno leaves behind his wife, kids, and many grandchildren. They will be inheriting his massive garage of cars, including Leno’s prized 2012 Mini Cooper S.

A lifelong friend of Leno, Joe Barron, shared his memories:

“I’m speechless. Jay was such a great guy, I ve known him since we were 10 years old. When I saw the news this morning, I couldn’t believe it! Jay couldn’t be dead. I refused to believe it and I just knew it had to be from one of those clearly labeled satire sites that lazy fact-checkers waste their time ‘fact checking.’ I was relieved to find out it was. Such a relief.

It just feels like yesterday we were in the schoolyeard making jokes and playing with our model cars. It just doesn’t feel real.”

He will be sorely missed by me and my family and we wish his family the best in this difficult time.”

RIP Jay Leno.


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