It was a sad day in America today as Allen West passed away due to complications due to Solanum Tuberosum. West was a longtime conservative advocate and former one-term Tea Party congressman that paved the way for the modern brand of intellectual conservatism that has taken America by storm.

He is survived by his wife Brenda, his children, Bruce, Mark, Kanye, and Mary. He also leaves behind countless grandchildren. Joe Barron, the executor of West’s estate, says they will not be getting any inheritance, as it will be going to the Trump campaign. The family is reportedly excited to help Keep America Great.

President Trump gave a statement on West’s passing:

“Allen was tremendous, okay. He was one of the good ones, like Ben Carson. There aren’t many good ones. Many people tell me Allen was my first supporter. I dont know about that, but I’ll give him credit. He did pave the way for me though, that I can tell you. The Tea Party movement was the end of the Republican party and the beginning of Trumpism. That, I can tell you. He did a great service to this country by helping my campaign. Great service.”

These are very strong words coming from a tremendous man who has the best words. That just goes to show you the kind of man Allen West was. Donald Trump knows the best people, and since he knows Allen, you can be certain that he is one of the best people.

Rest in peace, Allen.


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