Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer who murdered George Floyd, has been found dead in the jail where he’s been held since May 2020. He was apparently killed by fellow inmates.

Even more shocking than his death at the hands of fellow prisoners is the fact that his will leaves half of his estate to the reelection campaign for impeached President Donald J. Trump. He was so excited about Trump’s win that he updated his will right after Trump’s election in 2016 to include that bequest.

What’s *not* unexpected? That estate amounts to $34 and a George Foreman grill leftover from Chauvin’s days as a vain gym rat who tried to eat well — if by “eat well” you mean that donuts were limited to breakfast, lunch, and afternoon pre-nap snack. It remains to be seen how much the grill will fetch on the resale market for worn-out countertop appliances owned by disgusting, murderous racist pieces of sh*t.

The Trump campaign has already graciously accepted its $17 portion of the racist turd’s “estate.” Chauvin’s widow said she really could have used the money, but Trump is a greedy bastard and he also knows that being associated with a racist killer will be a positive for his campaign.

Prison warden Sandy Batt announced the racist, murderous cop’s death with the following statement:

“I won’t say this murderer’s name. He’s dead, and even though many of my guards had heard rumors that he was going to be offed, we all agreed that if anyone had it coming, this guy had it coming. Good riddance to racist trash.”

The state’s Commissioner of Prisons and Incarceration Dungeons, Joe Barron, commented: “It’s a damn shame this poor, persecuted law enforcement officer was killed by his fellow inmates. Their decision to kneel on his neck for 8 1/2 minutes was quite unfortunate. It’s almost like kneeling on someone’s neck — regardless of the reason — is always a bad thing to do.”

Well, almost always.


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