Peter “Little Dude” Dinklage, the man who made being a little person cool again after the whole Vern Troyer thing, has passed on. At 47, Dinklage decided he no longer wanted to face life with the agony of knowing the sexy scar is just a prop and come Monday — being a little drunk who knows things won’t be quite enough.

Dinklage left a letter on his bedside table, took what appears to be 4 hits of blotter acid and had the trip of his life before pressing the button that tripped the symbolic automated crossbow across the room, sending a bolt straight through his head. The coroner said the death “was most likely painless, unless it wasn’t, but it’s over now, so we may never know.”

Dinklage’s letter. more importantly than announcing his reasons for wanting to die, also included a spoiler for tonight’s episode:

“I don’t really want to go out as the little dwarf who got the throne by killing characters everyone loved for all those years, but Jon and Dany had to go. She was way too sadistic and he was all ‘she’s mah Queen!’ with those sad eyes of his.

I die knowing that you know the things I know, and that, my fans — that makes me happy.”

HBO won’t confirm or deny that Tyrion takes the throne, but they will confirm that Dinklage’s outrage has him blacklisted from appearing post-mortem in any CGI tributes like the guy from Star Wars.

Most people don’t know it, but Dinklage, being a huge fan of Donald Trump, made a massive impact on conservative politics. Shawn Hannity made a statement about the man he knew as a friend:

Peter was a great man with no slightness of character. In his short life, he accomplished much. At just 24, he got his first acting job. At 38, he joined GOT and was suddenly dwarfed by fame. Used to standing in the shadows of more prominent actors, Pete finally came into his own and walked…proud. When we think of him, it will be the little things that matter.”

Well said, Shawn. We’ll have to wait until tonight to see if the note is true or one final prank from the guy who stole Theon’s prosthetic peen for fun.



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