The world has lost another great.

Lifelong republican, Second Amendment advocate, and brilliant orator against liberal ideals, Clint Eastwood has died. He was found early this morning by his daughter and son-in-law, motionless in his bed on his California estate. Services will take place in his hometown of Sandusky, Ohio where he will be laid to rest next to his beloved mother and father.

Eastwood was a brilliant and successful actor and director with a long and storied career. That career has recently come to standstill, however, as he could no longer hide his hatred for the liberal Hollywood machine. In recent years, he began to let his strong distaste be known, offering speeches at Republican conventions and giving lengthy interviews in which he lambasted the corruption and perversion of liberal America. His speeches became rallying cries for patriots everywhere, so passionate were his words.

Another strike against him with the Hollywood elite was his unapologetic love for our president, Donald Trump. He never hid his support for our Commander-In-Chief and publicly expressed his support for all his policy decisions, from the immigration ban to tariffs on trade. This did not sit well in loony liberal California movie studios and his career was virtually halted.

It didn’t bother him though. He stood by his beliefs, held fast to his convictions. Clint loved President Trump and he would never apologize for it. If you didn’t like it, you could go to hell.

So strong was this love and support that he willed his entire estate to the campaign for Trump’s reelection. He knew that America still needed help and that Trump was the man to provide it.

RIP Clint. You were a patriotic example to us all.


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