Brittney Griner is home safe in Texas with her wife. Unfortunately, home is the only place she’s welcome anymore.

After the WNBA decided to suspend her for 2 years for breaking the Performance Enhancing Drug rule, her case was automatically referred to the International Olympic Committee for disciplinary action.

The committee voted unanimously to ban Griner for life for her drug abuse.

Griner says she may still have another outlet for work. “I can always head back to Russia and play over there. They pay in wheat and natural gas, but that stuff is valuable. I pack a few suitcases and stop in Germany on my way home.” According to Russian law, exporting natural gas to Germany is a crime, and if the wheat happens to be Ukrainian, she could be conscripted into Putin’s ground forces.

“That’s a chance I’ll have to take,” said Griner, “I’ll tell you what…they cut my dreads, but otherwise, I ruled that gulag. Those biotches knelt before Queen Brittney.”

It’s a good thing we wasted a trade on this woman. Once again, the Biden administration proves that wokeness is all it cares about. They’ll probably trade for her again when she gets caught with a loaf of bread and has to do time for real this time.

Let’s hope they demand we get Paul Whelan back first. God Bless America.


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