Barack Obama has been hired by the George Soros Foundation to teach its brand-new “Community Organizing 101” course to budding agitators throughout the United States.

It might sound safe, but “community organizing” is what gave Barack Hussein Obama his start in politics. And he ended up as President, which is almost as crazy as Donald Jackass Trump being elected after losing the popular vote by 3 million votes.

What could Alex Soros — the newly installed socialist in charge of his father George’s evil empire — be thinking? Why would he give Obama a chance to teach young Marxists to “organize”?

Could it be that Alex sees Obama as a great uniter, who can teach young, motivated people to do good things in their communities? Maybe he sees Obama as an inspirational leader who connects with different generations and wants to encourage people to volunteer, tutor, vote…you know, stuff that conservatives hate.

Nah, it couldn’t possibly be that.

It’s got to be that Alex Soros wants Obama to stir up hate, cause some riots, burn down a few Federal buildings, and even campaign to defund the police. Because that’s what Soroses do, right? They stir up trouble.

If you’re a right-wing idiot, that’s what you think the Soros family is all about.


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