Country music superstar Lee Greenwood, who proudly sings “God Bless the USA” whenever he can, has entered the battle over racism in America. Specifically, he fired back at Sunny Hostin, co-host of the hate-fest known as The View on ABC.

Sunny recently called Macon, Georgia, one of the most racist towns in the United States. Macon is the hometown of Jason Aldean, a mediocre country singer whom no one had even heard of until the release of his pro-lynching music video.

Enter Lee Greenwood, who stopped singing “God Bless the USA” long enough to tell Sunny that SHE is the real racist.

“It’s racist to point out when a straight, white, Christian, American man glorifies the site where Black men were lynched. Won’t somebody think of the oppressed white men who aren’t allowed to refer to their cultural heritage??” whined Greenwood.

He continued, “Sunny Hostin is most definitely not proud to be an American, where at least I know *I’m* free.”

Greenwood then saluted an American flag that he pays an assistant to wave around at a moment’s notice, whenever he’s feeling particularly patriotic.

When reached for comment about the 80-year-old country crooner’s accusation that she’s racist, Sunny Hostin replied, “Lee…who?” Exactly, Sunny. Exactly.


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