Ardent Trump supporter Kid Rock has been a hero to many. He has become so popular in recent years that he almost ran for Senate. But unfortunately, he passed away on Wednesday.

According to doctors, “Kid Rock,” whose real name is Chesterfield Wilhelm III, had hidden from his fans his severe diabetes. “While the signs were probably obvious to a keen observer, he did his best to put on a brave face for his fans,” Kid Rock spokeswoman Fiona Dourif told reporters.

Kid Rock reportedly left $5 million to the Trump foundation in his will. He also recorded a message for his fans and supporters on his last night on earth, knowing he was going to die: according to Breitbart News:

The message reads as a warning for Americans, but also as a message of love. Wilhelm said that it’s “very important” that Americans get out and vote for Trump in 2020.

“President Trump is the last hope Americans have. We now have half of Congress in Democrat hands. They can now block the President’s agenda. We need to get them out of office by any means necessary and make sure Trump stays there — for life if possible!

America is at a turning point. We can get things back to the way they were when Southerners waved that flag on my hat [he was wearing a Confederate flag hat in the video, according to sources familiar with it].”

“Each and every American has a responsibility to be a bawwitabadass like me and tell the liberal agenda of peace and love and clean air and equal rights and all that bullhonkey to go to hell!” he says in the video. “Make America great again! Keep it great!”

Kid Rock passed away 11 minutes and 30 seconds after the conclusion of the video due to complications related to his consumption of large amounts of jerk chicken, Mountain Dew, and circus peanuts at a family outing earlier that day.

Kid Rock was a true “American badass and he will be greatly missed. But we should heed his last words and never stop fighting.