Alana Thompson hasn’t gone by the name “Honey Boo Boo” in a long time. After growing out of the role and into her teenage years, the reality star’s focus was elsewhere when she made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery for personal reasons.

The surgeon performing the surgery, Dr. Joseph Barron, said it was a typical gastric bypass and he doesn’t understand how or why the patient arrested and died. “Sometimes when we play God, the man upstairs gets angry,” he said in a statement.

Mama June didn’t like the idea, but ultimately, it wasn’t up to her. She lost custody of Boo to Pumpkin after a drug binge with a pedophile. Now, with the tragic news, she hopes to be able to file a suit somewhere for her pain and suffering. She’s also relieved that she no longer has to pay child support to Pumpkin, saving her $800 a month. “They spent it on Taco Bell. She was addicted to Baja Blast. I didn’t mind, but I ain’t got much these days,” said June.

The family has asked for privacy during this difficult time but expects the funeral to be open to the public with reasonable seating costs and streamed live on HBO Max.

Thompson didn’t stay dead long and is expected to make a full recovery. Barron revived her with a shot of adrenaline just like in the movies, without the dramatic jump off the gurney with the needle in her chest Uma Thurman style. Man, that shirt was hot. The details of Thompson’s weight loss are none of your business.

Good luck, Alana. We’re pulling for you.

God bless America.


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