It truly is a sad day for Americans. Bri Kolfag, the founder of the famous border wall GoFundMe, gave everything when he lost two arms and a leg in Iraq. During deployment, he ran into a hail of gunfire to personally pull six of his team to safety. His heroics earned him a purple heart and a place in our hearts.

Bri-Bri has been attacked by the liberal media for weeks because of his patriotic attempt to fund what Democrats won’t: a border wall to keep our children safe from the barbarian hordes to the south. Bri-Bri’s GoFundMe has to date raised more than $57 million — a number that analysts say is enough to build 76% of the border wall.

According to Fox News, Bri-Bri was found dead in his bathroom after apparently haven fallen off the toilet. But police say he “appears to have been pushed.” An investigation is currently underway into the “suspicious circumstances” surrounding Bri-Bri’s death. Police say that tox screen results will be back on Tuesday.

Bri-Bri’s six tours in the United States military have produced 231 confirmed kills as well as numerous commendations. His wife, Ashby, says that the thing she will remember most about her husband is his “generous heart and the way he always jumps to attention when he sees someone in need.”

“Right now,” Ashby says, “people need hope and Bri-Bri’s border wall gives that to all Americans.

President Trump was so thankful to Bri-Bri for his help that he announced on Sunday that he will be accepting the family’s invitation to speak at Bri-Bri’s funeral.

“It’s going to be a great event,” President Trump is quoted as saying.

Bri-Bri is the second-most wounded air force veteran in history, right behind Red Fleming. He will always be remembered for his ability to make people laugh in even the most terrible of situations.


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