America’s sweetheart and the woman who pulled off the greatest electoral upset in presidential election history, Kellyanne Conway, has lost her beloved husband, George. He was 61.

Kellyanne first came on the public scene as a set extra in walking skeleton movies, and was later offered the stunt double position for the Crypt Keeper. She turned that down to dip her toes in the pool of politics and found she could get far with her ability to spin almost anything and fantastic oral skills.

By the time she joined the Trump campaign, Kellyanne had become far better known than her husband, who is dead.

Later, when she managed to pull those 77K votes from 12 counties in 3 states along the Blue Firewall, she became even more famous. Her husband hated the president, so it’s okay that he’s dead. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

There’s no telling what she’ll do now that George is dead, but there’s speculation she may go back to work for the President when he’s reinstated next month.

We asked Trump about his plans and if Kellyanne fit into them, to which he said, “Who?”

Sorry for your loss, Kellyanne. God bless America.


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