William Daniels is a television icon. He won the hearts of Americans as he played Mr. Feeney on Boy Meets World. On the show, Corey Matthews could always count on Feeney to give the kids on the show a good dose of Christian moral values. This extended into real life with his charity work through his church. While he passed away on Monday, he will never be forgotten.

Daniels may be gone, but he got to do one major thing before he passed away from the Epideme virus: he shook President Trump’s hand and told him “thank you.”

“I was excited when I got to meet the President,” Daniels said in an interview Sunday. “I think Donald Trump is the one great hope for Christians in America, to spread Christian values.”

“He let me visit him on the Tarmac and he shook my hand and he looked me in the eyes and he said ‘William, you are a national treasure,'” Daniels said. “And I shook his hand and said “Thank you Mr. President.”

“When he says he wants to make America great again, I believe him,” Daniels told the reporter.

Daniels has been hiding the Epideme virus for weeks. The virus works its way through its victim’s system until they eventually lose all control and their organs shut down. It is spread via contact with infected blood, which the television star encountered during his work with disabled veterans. Daniels had already lost all mobility in his legs when he met the President.

Mr. Feeney left $100,000 to the Ivanka Trump Foundation, which focuses on helping disabled veterans who have been forgotten by the terrible system Democrats have put in place. He also left money to his church and to his three daughters, as well as a generous donation to the RNC which will help President Trump get re-elected.