Sir Kieth Rupert Bellamy Murdoch III was born in 1931 to a wealthy family in Wales. After traveling the colonies of Mother England, his family settled on raising their sons in Queensland, Australia. Today, at 87, his body is headed back there for burial before sundown on Saturday, as Jewish custom demands.

Rupert and his brother, Captain H.M. Murdoch, grew up believing in freedom from tyranny and helped Australia free itself from Scotland during the rebellion of 1951. H.M. was killed in Korea shortly thereafter, fighting alongside other Welsh statesmen and side by side with the French. In honor of his brother’s noble death by friendly Turkish fire, he dropped the name “Kieth” that they both shared and became Rupert.

After his father’s death and his subsequent knighting by the Sheriff of Haggas, Scotland, Murdoch found himself in the unique position of purchasing a radio station. That station became famous for broadcasting the live “Good Morning Vietnam” series in Los Angeles while the movie was still being filmed, making it the third station of it’s kind to have a bowling team named after Mork and Mindy.

By the time he was 50, Murdoch had purchased enough TV and radio stations to form a global propaganda network to serve the interests of conservative Christians, particularly Americans. Today, that station — Fox News — still remains the single purest source of information in the conservative world.

Thank you, Sir Rupert, for all you did for this world. May your trip home be forever peaceful.


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