Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who spent more than ten years on The View and another five on Fox and Fiends, has passed away from complications with a long-term illness. Hasselbeck, who was 42 when she died, was diagnosed more than three years ago with terminal Dunning-Kruger Syndrome.

Hasselbeck and her husband, Blake, both walked away from public life with little explanation, saying only that they wanted to focus on their family and their own happiness.
It wasn’t until this afternoon that family attorney, Art Tubolls, let the world in on what’s been going on:

“The Hasselbecks found out in early 2015 that Elisabeth was suffering the effects of Dunning Kruger, a degenerative disorder that removes logic and reason until ultimately, the body becomes so confident in its own abilities that the victim forgets to breath and chokes to death.

“For years they’ve lived the nightmare alone. Now, with Elisabeth’s passing, the family hopes to share her amazing story of hiding out in the media room binge watching sitcoms she wasnt allowed to watch as child, trying to get fat on Cheetos and humus but losing weight to the horrible disease.

“In a way, the whole family’s suffering is over, even though their new lives have just begun.”

The family has asked for privacy in this trying time.

Elisabeth’s widower, John, says he’s looking forward to hooking up with Mila Kunis if he can and wants to look into some kinky three-way with Kristen Bell dressed like Anna.